13 FREE TESDA Courses And Assessment (ENROLL NOW !!!)

The Regional TESDA Center VII offers free 13 courses and assessment this 2020.
This scholarship program is first come, first served basis.

Available courses offered:
  1. Dressmaking NC II
  2. Machining NC II
  3. Electronics Product Assembly Servicing NC II
  4. Domestic Work NC II
  5.  Plumbing NC II
  6. Spanish Language
  7. English Language
  8. Computer System Servicing NC II
  9. Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II & NC III
  10. Refrigeration & Air-conditioning NC II & NC III
  11. Agroentrepreneurship NC II & NC III
  12. Driving NC II
  13. Trainer's Methodology (TM) Level 1

  • 18 years old above
  • High School Graduate/ K to 12 Graduate/ALS Passer
  • College Level/College Under Graduate
  • College Graduate/ Bachelor’s Degree

Training schedule (fix schedule)
Day: Monday to Friday 8:00am to 3:00pm
Night: Monday to Friday 5:15pm to 9:15pm with Saturday 8:00am to 5:00pm

How to enroll:
✔️ Choose desired course
✔️ Take and shall pass the Profiling exam
✔️ Must have been interviewed respective trainer

After profiling exam and interview, submit all the ff. requirements

  • High School Report Card/TOR/Diploma (1 photocopy)
  • Picture (1x1 2pcs.) & (passport size 2 2pcs.) white background with collar
  • Medical certification fit to undergo training (1 photocopy)
  • Birth certificate /PSA/NSO (1 photocopy)
  • Police Clearance / NBI

If interested kindly visit to our office at TESDA-main RTC 7 Registrar’s office for application process or reservation.

Address: Archbishop Reyes Avenue Lahug Cebu City
Beside Waterfront Hotel
TESDA main at RTC department Registrars office.