TESDA Machining Course, Skilled Workers Need This

Accidents happen anytime and anywhere. What’s worse is when it happened during the busiest hours of our lives. Moreover, we needed some tools or equipment in order to make our works easier and an example of these tools are some of the helpful machines regardless of what kind. What would happen if our machines got broken? Our deals would lessen and our living would’ve been hassled. In order to avoid such phenomenon, we should know the proper maintenance of our machines and in order to know that, of course we must learn it by studying it.

Check out one of the most in demand short courses offered in TESDA, Machining NC II. It is offered in the Philippines and guess what? It trains you in setting up and operating variety of machine tools in performing precision machining operations. If you think that would be all, think again! You may learn other competencies and the requirements as you continue on reading.

Aside from those mentioned above, here are some of the useful skills you may acquire upon enrolling in this course:

  • -Interpreting working drawings and sketches
  • -Selecting and cutting workshop materials
  • -Performing Shop computations (Basic)
  • -Measuring Workpiece ( Basic)
  • -Performing Shop Computations (Intermediate)
  • -Measuring workpiece using angular measuring instruments
  • -Performing preventive and corrective maintenance
  • -Performing Bench work (Basic)
  • -Performing Bench work (Complex)
  • -Turning Work Piece (Basic)
  • -Turning Work Piece (Intermediate)
  • -Milling work piece (Basic)
  • -Milling work piece (Intermediate)
  • -Grinding work piece (Basic)
  • -Grinding Work piece (Complex)

Course Duration
This short Course only takes up a minimum of 307 hours to completion.

Admission Requirements

Common requirements for TESDA course include:
-Copy of Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO
-Copy of High School or College Diploma
-Certified true copy of Transcript of Records or Form 137
-1x1 or 2x2 Pictures
-Certificate of Good Moral Character

Requirements may vary depending on the training center, we recommend  to visit this page for detailed instruction.


Those who are qualified graduates of Machining NC II may find employment as any of the following:
-Lathe Operator
-Milling Machine Operator
-Precision Grinding Machine Operator
-Bench worker/fitter

Competency Assessment and Certification
Students who enrolled in the this course may be required to undergo a Competency Assessment before graduation. This is applicable to any of the courses you would enroll at. A National Certificate (NC II) will be issued to those who will pass this assessment. For accurate and more detailed information about the Assessment and Certification, you may visit this page.

Source: Courses.com.ph