TESDA Technical Drafting NC II in the Philippines (Full Info)

So as one of the main development in our society now-a-days, people assign themselves to technology and advance their skills in terms of technical equipment. Most people tried to access the world of technology with a specific purpose: one can be for designing sites, promoting items such as high technology devices, operate computers to its maximum capacity and the like. While most of these things happen in the technology world, there is a passage wherein you can maximize your skills more if you are interested in architectural designs. Outlines and details regarding architectural designs for structural, electrical/electronic, sanitary/plumbing and mechanical drawings using both CAD systems and manual drafting method are taught during the sessions. 

TESDA offers Technical Drafting NC II. As the first statements said, this short course will train you to do the said skills. Other than that, you may also acquire variety of other competencies such as: Performing mensuration and calculations, applying quality standards,  interpret technical drawings and plans, operate personal computer, draft architectural layout and details, prepare computer aided-drawings, drafting structural layout and details, draft electrical and electronic layout and details, and draft mechanical layout and details. These are just some of the many skills you may acquire if you enroll in this program.

Nonetheless, it may take some time to actually cope with it. 148 hours is the required hours for Technical Drafting NC II. You’ll find it satisfying and fulfilling once you finish this short course.

Requirements are fixed. Just bring the most common requirements for TESDA course namely: your NSO Birth Certificate, your High School or College Diploma, your Transcript of records, your Certificate of Good Moral Character and of course your 1x1 or 2x2 Pictures.

Then again, requirements may vary depending on the course or situation you are going to enroll at. It is still better if you consult the staffs that are in charge with the requirements for you to know each detail.

Once you finish this short course, you may be able to land a job as either a draftsman or a CAD operator.

Would you like to have a certification, proving that you passed this short course? You must first undergo a Competency Assessment before you graduate. You will receive a National Certificate or NC II once you passed the assessment.