TESDA Automotive Body Painting/Finishing Course: Full Details

Some people love to craft things out of objects that seem trash already. Most of the products are functional as that of the new ones. If you, yourself, have the ability to craft things, restore damaged or undamaged body parts of a motorcycle and the like, then this course suits your talent. Not only will it enhance your craftsmanship, you may learn a thing or two about the interpretation of manuals as well as application of specifications.

TESDA offers you Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC II. It is one of the newest short courses offered in the Philippines that trains you in repairing body or panel paint on land based vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, buses, big bikes and motorcycles. You may also learn how to revamp those vehicles by covering colorful paints; put on and take away masks, and implement maintenance.

Let your talent be of use as we recommend this short program to people like you. Visit your nearest TESDA institution and check this out, right away.

Below are some of the examples of skills that you may acquire once you enroll in this short program:
  • -Applying appropriate sealant/adhesive
  • -Moving and positioning vehicle
  • -Performing mensuration and calculation
  • -Reading, interpreting and applying specifications and manuals
  • -Using and applying lubricant/coolant
  • -Performing shop maintenance
  • -Preparing damaged and undamaged surface for painting
  • -Applying and removing masking
  • -Spraying solid color paints
  • -Repairing solid color paints
  • -Performing Polishing
  • -Performing solid/metallic color mixing
  • -Spraying metallic color paint
  • -Repairing metallic color paint

Course Duration

The hours allotted for Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC II takes a minimum of 158 hours to accomplish.

Admission Requirements

Below are the common requirements for TESDA course:
-Copy of Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO
-Copy of High School or College Diploma
-Certified true copy of Transcript of Records or Form 137
-1x1 or 2x2 Pictures
-Certificate of Good Moral Character

Although, requirements may vary depending on the course or situation you are going to enroll at, we strongly advise that you proceed directly to the school or training center’s official representatives or other staffs who are in charge with the requirements for more precise and detailed information regarding the said matter.


In other Technical Vocational Institutions, they require people to finish Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC I first before being endorsed to take Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC II.


Those who are qualified graduates of Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC II may find employment as an automotive painter for two stage paint or as an automotive paint finisher for two stage paint.

Notion for Competency Assessment and Certification

Those who are enrolled in the Automotive Body Painting/Finishing NC II may be required to undergo a Competency Assessment before graduation. This is applicable to any of the courses you would enroll at. A National Certificate will be issued to those who will pass this assessment. For accurate and more detailed information about the Assessment and Certification, you may visit the this link. 

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