TESDA Short Course: Electrical Installing and Maintenance NC II in the Philippines

We believe we have reached the Millenium of Advanced Technology wherein most of the objects or appliances we use at home require electricity. An example of this is the Electric Stove. Who could imagine that it can be invented? In line with this, the capability of installing electrical wirings and the like is such a useful skill. Take note that there are only limited number of people who knows how to operate wires and cables and most of them are either Engineers or Electricians and they got their title by learning every component for about 4 to 5 years in college.

Don't have the time to learn that long? Then go and see Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II in TESDA. It is a short course which trains you in installing and maintaining electrical wirings, lightings, and other related systems and equipment in community buildings where the only limits does not exceed beyond 600 volts. 

Some examples of skills that you will acquire from enrolling in this program include:
  • -Prepare construction materials and tools
  • -Observe procedures, specifications and manuals of instruction
  • -Interpret technical drawings and plans
  • -Perform mensurations and calculations
  • -Maintain tools and equipment
  • -Prepare electrical power and hydraulic tools
  • -Perform roughing-in activities for communication and distribution systems
  • -Install writing devices for floor and ground fault current interrupting outlets
  • -Install electrical protection system for lighting and grounding
  • -Install electrical lighting systems on auxiliary outlets and lighting fixtures

Course Duration

The time allotted for Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II takes a minimum of 402 hours to complete.

Admission Requirements

Basic requirements for this TESDA course include:
  • -Copy of NSO Birth Certificate
  • -High school or College diploma
  • -Certified true copy of Transcript of Records or Form 137
  • -Certification of Good Moral Character
  • -1x1 and/or 2x2 Pictures


The qualified graduates of Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II may find employment as any of the following:
-Building-Wiring Electrician
-Residential/Commercial-Wiring Electrician
-Maintenance Electrician

Competency Assessment and Certification

Students enrolled in the Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II course may be required to undergo a competency assessment before graduation. You can take this at any TESDA Accredited Centers for Electrical Installation and Maintenance Course. A National Certificate (NC II) will be issued to students who passed this assessment process.

Got Questions?

You will find our answers on common questions about schools, tuition fee, enrollment, assessment and more in this TESDA COURSE FAQs.

If you have a question that was not covered  there, please leave it on the comment section below and we’ll try to answer you as soon as we can.