Bartending offered by TESDA this Year (Free Course)

Job opportunities are booming as 2019 enters. One of the trending courses that TESDA is offering is Bartending. More or less 600 students of TESDA graduated last December 2017, and 70 of them took Bartending as their course.

An enjoyable course which has become in demand in Hotels, Bars, and Restaurants. This free course has captivated the interest of the people for its creative nature as well as its way of service. This free course is open to everyone even if you are not really into alcohols.

Bartending's training is all about preparing cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages, how to provide basic wine services, and how to clean and operate the bar. All this for free! Bartending's training duration consists of almost Three (3) months. You may work as a Bartender or manage your own Bar using the Mobile Bar.