TESDA Scholarship 2024

Would you like to attend TESDA and study for free?

Good news! The TESDA Iloilo Provincial Office is now accepting scholars. This is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge without worrying about the cost. Whether you’re looking to start a new career, advance in your current job, or simply learn something new, TESDA’s scholarship programs have something for everyone.

What are the available courses under TESDA scholarship?

  • Scaffolding Works (Supported Type Scaffold) NC II
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC II
  • Ship's Catering Services NC Ì
  • Tile Setting NC II
  • Trainers Methodology Level I
  • Agroentrepreneurship NC II
  • Barangay Health Services NC II Barista NC II
  • Bread and Pastry Production NC II
  • Carpentry NC II Carpentry NC III
  • Computer Systems Servicing NC II
  • Contact Center Services NC II
  • Digital Agriculture Course
  • Dressmaking NC II
  • Driving NC II
  • Electrical Installation and Maintenance NC II
  • vents Management Services NC III
  • Food and Beverage Services NC II
  • Heavy Equipment Operation (Bulldozer) NC II
  • Hilot (Wellness Massage) NC II
  • Housekeeping NC II
  • Masonry NC I
  • Masonry NC II
  • Medical Transcription NC II
  • Motorcycle/Small Engine Servicing NC II
  • Organic Agriculture Production NC II
  • Pest and Nutrient Management
  • Production of High-Quality Inbred Rice, Seed Certification, and Farm Mechanization

How to enroll? 

Interested applicants, please contact or visit the TESDA Iloilo Provincial Office located at Brgy. Bolong Este, Santa Barbara, Iloilo. 

Contact Numbers:  (033) 337-98-68 0919-065-6537
Email: region6.iloilo@tesda.gov.ph

Investing in your education and skills is one of the best decisions you can make. With TESDA's scholarship programs, you have the opportunity to enhance your capabilities, improve your job prospects, and secure a brighter future. Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your life – apply for a TESDA scholarship today and take the first step towards a successful career!