TESDA Scholarship: Driving and Construction Industry Courses (No Tuition Fee)

Magandang balita! Mayroong libreng training at assessment ngayon ang TESDA Regional Training Center-Talisay.

Maraming courses ang pwedeng pagpilian, na under ng construction industry at iba pa.

Available free scholarship courses:
  • Automotive Servicing NC I  NC II
  • Barangay Health Services NC II
  • Computer Systems Servicing NC II
  • Carpentry NC II
  • Cookery NC II
  • Construction Painting NC II
  • Driving NC II
  • Electrical INstallation and Maintenance NC II
  • Electronic Products Assembly and Servicing NC II
  • HEO (Bulldozer) NC II
  • HEO (Forklift) NC II
  • HEO (Hydraulic Excavator) NC II
  • HEO (Wheel Loader)  NC II
  • Landscape Installation and Maintenance (Softscape) NC II
  • Organic Agriculture Production NC II
  • Machining NC I & NC II
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC I & NC II
  • Trainers Methodology Level I

Training Admission Requirements:

  • - 3 photocopies of Certificate of Live Birth issued by PSA/NSO
  • - 3 photocopies of Certificate of Marriage issued by PSA/NSO (if married)
  • - 1 photocopy of Form 137/ALS Certificate of Rating/High School Card/Diploma (for High School graduates)
  • - 1 photocopy of Transcript of Records (for college graduates/undergraduates)
  • - 5 pcs. 1x1 ID picture
  • - 6 pcs. Passport size picture, 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with head size (from forehead to chin) ranging from 27 mm to 31 mm) colored with white background, shirt/dress with collar, not scanned, not edited, not rush, no staple damage and paper should not be glossy
  • White long folder
For interested applicants, submit your training admission requirements to their office or you may register online thru this link: https://forms.gle/8Tz5Ptnu5xHoXtqX6

For more information, you may contact RTC-Talisay at (034) 4742135 / 7127283 / 09478921606 / 09177021060 or visit their office at Felipe LAcson St., Brgy. Zone 12, Talisay CIty 6115, Negros Occidental.