TESDA Offers Massage Therapy NC II as Short Courses in the Philippines

A lot of people suffer from body pain due to everyday routine in their particular work. Most of them endure pain without even knowing the side effects of doing so. Some people visit massage therapist when one of the members of the family got sick for an unidentified reason. Well, we can say that the reason can be the cause of enduring everyday fatigue for so long that the body’s systems malfunctioned. The human body is so fragile; therefore, to avoid any unnecessary grievances, one must know how to relieve pain with proper execution of the process.

With this in mind, we offer you Massage Therapy NC II, a short course authenticated by TESDA which will directly teach you on how to provide relief, comfort and cure to people who are suffering from frequent physical ailments. This course introduces the proper execution of applying first aids to sufferers along with the establishment of interpersonal relationships with people.

Below are the possible examples of core competencies that you may acquire upon enrolling in this course:

  • -Applying basic first aid
  • -Establishing and maintaining good interpersonal relationships with patients
  • -Working within clinic and regulation guidelines
  • -Performing therapeutic massage assessment
  • -Planning therapeutic massage treatment
  • -Implementing different therapeutic massage treatments

Course Duration

This course only takes a minimum of 560 hours to accomplish.

Massage Therapy Tuition Fees

The tuition fee depends on the school/training center offering the course. We recommend visiting the nearest Tesda training Centers.

Admission Requirements

Common requirements for TESDA course include:
-Copy of Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO
-Copy of High School or College Diploma
-Certified true copy of Transcript of Records or Form 137
-1x1 or 2x2 Pictures
-Certificate of Good Moral Character

Though, requirements may vary depending on the course or situation you are going to enroll at, we intensely advise that you proceed directly to the school or training center’s official representatives or other staffs who are in charge with the requirements for more precise and detailed information regarding the said matter.


Those who are qualified as graduates of Massage Therapy NC II may find employment as a professional Massage Therapist.

Competency Assessment and Certification

Individuals who enrolled in the Massage Therapy NC II may be required to undergo a Competency Assessment before graduation. This is applicable to any of the courses you would enroll at. A National Certificate will be issued to those who will pass this assessment. For accurate and more detailed information about the Assessment and Certification, you may visit this page TESDA CERTIFICATION or we suggest to visit a training center in your area.


  1. Hello. I am already licensed in the US as an LMT and have been an LMT since 1999. What do I need to do if I also would like to become an LMT in the Philippines? Do I have to go through the NC II class, or would taking the assessment and certification exam be more efficient? Thank you.

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