Complete Details for TESDA Pharmacy Services NC II in the Philippines

In our world today, where everyone is vulnerable in sickness, there is a need to have more people who specialize in distinguishing and dispensing medications; someone who easily spot prescribed discrepancies and circumstances; someone who have backgrounds in Health care among patients as well as knowledgeable in terms of customers’ needs. Regardless of the primary ability of that someone, he/she would be qualified when he/she learns wholly the proper actions, schedule, arrangements, and dosage of each medicine. For that I suggest you check out one of the newest short course in TESDA: Pharmacy Services NC II.

This is one of TESDA's short courses that will enlighten you in the proper provision of medication, in short, dispensing medications, receive, analyze and understand prescriptions, prepare the actual medication for the patient(s), and of course, oversee stock control along with others. Those are but a few skills or competencies that you may acquire when you enroll in this short course, if you want to keep on learning skills which are in line with Pharmacy Services, we suggest you enroll yourselves and try our program. All you have to do is bring the necessary requirements and inquire about the course.

Upon enrolling in this short course, you will be familiarized with some of the core competencies that are in line with the said course. Some examples include:

  • -Meeting customers’ requirements
  • -Spotting prescription discrepancies and situations that need further assistance
  • -Miscellaneous laws and regulations related to the medical profession
  • -Health Care benefits scheme
  • -Documenting dosage administration
  • -Contamination control
  • -Collecting relevant patient data
  • -Ordering and receiving stock medication
  • -Performing stock waste disposal

Course Duration

The hours allotted for Pharmacy Services NC II only takes up to 271 hours to accomplish.

Admission Requirements

Below are the basic and common requirements for TESDA course:
-Copy of Birth Certificate authenticated by NSO
-Copy of High School or College Diploma
-Certified true copy of Transcript of Records or Form 137
-1x1 or 2x2 Pictures
-Certificate of Good Moral Character

Though, requirements may vary depending on the course or situation you are going to enroll at, we intensely advise that you proceed directly to the school or training center’s official representatives or other staffs who are in charge with the requirements for more precise and detailed information regarding the said matter.


Those who will be qualified as graduates of Pharmacy Services NC II may find employment as a Pharmacy Assistant work in places such as health and personal care stores, hospital, medical stores,  retail or mail order pharmacies, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

Notion for Competency Assessment and Certifications

Those who are enrolled in the short course: Pharmacy Services NC II may be required to undergo a competency assessment before graduation and is applicable to any of the courses you would enroll at. A National Certificate or NC II shall be issued to those will pass this assessment. Accurate and more detailed information about the Assessment and Certification.


TESDA also offer a scholarship program for all the Filipinos who don't have enough budget to take this course. We recommend to visit this page "Online Application for TESDA Scholarship" for complete details.