TESDA Courses that can use in Construction Jobs

One of  the in-demand and fastest growing occupations abroad are in construction industry. Not only in other country but also here in the Philippines. Meanwhile, some companies and agency required documents or certification before you can apply to them. This documents will proved that you are eligible to desired work.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is the one who teach and give certificates (NC/COC) for those Filipino who wants to learn new skills. You can find the available courses related to Construction and Building in TESDA below:
  1. Heavy Equipment Operation (Backhoe Loader) NC II
  2. Heavy Equipment Operation (Bulldozer) NC II
  3. Heavy Equipment Operation (Forklift) NC II
  4. Heavy Equipment Operation (Hydraulic Excavator) NC II
  5. Diploma in Civil Technology
  6. Drafting Technology (1-yr)
  7. Fiberglass Craft
  8. Industrial Electricity
  9. Masonry NC I and NC II
  10. Pipe Fitting NC II
  11. Plumbing NC I and NC II
  12. Technical Drafting NC II
  13. Tile Setting NC II
  14. Drafting Technology Course
  15. 1-Yr Practical Electricity
  16. Architectural Desktop (35 Hours)
  17. Building Maintenance Supervision
  18. Building Wiring Installation NC II
  19. Carpentry NC II
  20. Construction Painting NC II
  21. Crane Operator Course

Note: Some of the courses above may or may not be available in the accredited schools near you. 

source: mattscradle