TESDA Course that can Use Abroad

What are jobs in-demand abroad?

That is the question flooded on our inbox daily.

Many jobs are in-demand abroad or even here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, many of us are lacks of skills to fit to these jobs.

The good news is, TESDA offers vocational courses that we can use to find jobs or work abroad. We list down some popular courses that you can enroll to use abroad.

TESDA Courses Offered that you can use to find Jobs Abroad

  1. Visual Graphic Design
  2. Caregiving
  3. Massage Therapy
  4. Automotive
  5. CAD/CAM Operation
  6. Carpentry
  7. Construction
  8. Diesel Power Plant Maintenance
  9. Electrical Installation
  10. Welding (all kinds)
  11. Heavy Equipment Operation
  12. Machining
  13. Masonry
  14. Pipefitting
  15. Plumbing
  16. Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Servicing
  17. Commercial Cooking
  18. Bartending
  19. Call Center Course
  20. Bookkeeping
  21. Housekeeping
  22. Tailoring
  23. Driving

You have to know what you want first before applying on these courses to land on the best jobs abroad. :)